Relaunching My Blog

Today, I am proud to anounce the launch of my new website and blog,! I just wanted to take the time out and really introduce myself and explain the motivations behind this blog.

So who am I?

My name is, as you already probably guessed, is Yoseph. I am a software engineer and entreprenuer based out of Detroit Michigan, but originally from Queens, New York. I love technology and businesses. I currently work for the startup SPLT in Detroit primarily focusing on frontend development.

My passions are really building great products and great businesses. I launched two businesses while in college, both of which taught me a lot. While both failed for different reasons, I discovered many great ways not to run a business as well as many great ways to build a product. I took both companies from a thought to launch. While I can’t claim a successful exit, the experiences I gained were invaluable.

Enter LykeMe

LykeMe Logo When I was in college, my friend and I started what was my first startup, LykeMe. I was, and still am immensely proud of the work we did. I was primarily responsible for the tech team which I grew to five people at its peak. We took that platform from 0 to about 20,000 users in just a couple of months, got interviewed and featured in many publications including USA today, Inside Higher Ed, and Cosmopolitan magazine. It was great to see people using a product that I created.

Of course, there where many problems along the way. I learned so much about deploying production infrastructure and how important proper coding standards are, especially on any team greater than yourself. Because of my naitevity we had inital problems scaling, building the product, and solicitating user feedback. Building LykeMe really tought me a lot about engineering and how to really think about problems. This was the project that trully set me on the path I am on today.

Then there was Shuttl

After LykeMe, I moved on and worked on ShuttlCMS, the CMS system that would have killed wordpress. While I didn’t do nearly as well with ShuttlCMS as I did with LykeMe, I think the lessons I learned here were much more important to an aspiring entrepreneur than the Lessons I learned at LykeMe. I built this great product that functioned well and people were really interested in. I thought I had a target market and I thought they were willing to pay and use ShuttlCMS.

But I was wrong.

Now that I look back and reflect on why Shuttl failed, It should have been obvious from the get go. Our market was freelancers and contract shops building websites for clients. ShuttlCMS generated static websites for thier client websites, making them both faster and more secure than a website hosted on something lilke Wordpress. When I actually spoke to our market, I realized none of that mattered to them. They only cared about keeping their clients happy and building websites as fast as they could. Training on a new system would be a tedious and time consuming process that would fly in the face of both of those needs.

Lesson Learned: Always make sure you understand your customers’ needs.

(The ultimate irony is that I am using Jekyll to maintain this site. Also, if you are curious or want to use ShuttlCMS, the code for ShuttlCMS can be found here).

So What am I doing now?

Now I am working in Detroit. I am a member of the 2017 HackerFellows program and a software engineer at SPLT. I am trying to learn and meet as much as I can in order to become a better entrepreneur. I find the atmosphere in Detroit electrifying. There is so many great people and startups in the Entrepreneurial community here.

Motivation for this website

Before I end the first post on my new site, I wanted to breifly speak about the motivations behind my website.

Primarily, I simply wanted a creative outlet. This website is meant to be a place where I can write down my musings regarding technology, business, and entrepreneurship.

Secondly, I really wanted a place to practice my SEO abilities and content marketing skills, and what better product to market than myself ;)

Finally, I want to get better at writing. I want to be able to clearly and efectively get my message across.

Thanks for reading my first post and I hope you stick around for more!

Yoseph Radding

Yoseph Radding

Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Maker, 2017 HackerFellow and most importantly, a full blown Geek.